Routine Consumables

Afew of Items we supply:-
Wooden Swabs individual packet sterile, Wooden applicator sticks, Wooden tongue depressors, Bijou Bottles 14 ml, Universal glass bottles 25 ml, Polypots 30 ml, Blood lancets, Blood lancets, Diamond pencil, Grease pencil, Latex gloves small/medium/large, Microscope slides 710 plain, Microscope slides 8105 froster, Cover strips 22x22 mm, Pauster pipette disposable, Yellow tips, Blue tips, Sterile urine containers 60ml, Sterile petri dishes Lab timers, Tourniquet simple, Tourniquet device, Sahli Haemimetre, Neuber Chamber, ESR tubes Westergren, ESR stands Westergren, ESR Wintrobe tubes, ESR Wintrobe stand, Test tubes 12x75 ml, Test tubes 13x100 ml, Needles Syringes, Test tube brush, Thermometer digital, Staining trough, Disposable face mask 2 ply, HVS swabs, Distilled water 5 Ltrs, Centrifuge tubes Plastic rack 12 tubes, Abdominal swabs, Alcohol swabs, Applicator sticks with cotton wool tips, Autoclaving tape 1/2", Autoclaving tape 1", Blood giving sets, Colostomy bags, Cotton wool 400 g, Crepe bandages 3", Crepe bandages 4", Crepe bandages 6", Elastic Adhensive bandages 7 cm, Feeding tubes, First Aid non plastic empty (large), First Aid non plastic empty (small), First Aid pouch, Heavy duty gloves, Identification bracelets, IV cannulas G18 G24, Sterile petri dish...

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